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annabelle magazine is a bimonthly lifestyle web magazine, dedicated to the proposition that we don't have to have a lot of money to have a fulfilled life. annabelle reflects the interests and whims of the editorial staff with contributions from emerging and established artists, musicians, and writers.

annabelle subverts the expectation that old-fashioned ways have to be conservative. We are inspired by old stuff -- in design and editorial content.

our belief is that there are many lifestyles, and all people, plants, and pets have the right to be creative and to inspire others.


Alisa E. Welch, editrix, is addicted to George Jones, small dogs, her three nieces, and television. Ms. Alisa has three sisters, and a lot of people know at least one of them.

A graduate of New York University, her art history degree is nothing special in New York, or anywhere else. She and Sarah hatched a plan to start annabelle while sitting in a diner complaining of being editorial assistants, i.e. secretaries. "My bosses don't know the magic and talent that I possess!" they cried.

annabelle is the fruit of their collective wish to make an interesting magazine about random shit that interests them.



Sarah G. Thurmond, co-editrix, likes to hang out in bars with cute bartenders and/or good jukeboxes. Her favorite New York City bars include Buttermilk, Scratcher and The Magician.

Ms. Sarah has a degree in journalism from the University of Texas in Austin. She played on her high school's varsity tennis team. An accomplished actress, she dreams of playing Edmond in a West End production of King Lear. She does not own any pets, but has two sisters who do.

Sarah is thrilled to be helping Alisa with her vision for a brand new type of magazine.


WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK THE FOLLOWING.... Thank you Marci for cheerleading. Thank you Nick for agreeing to be our first interviewee, thanks Jeff and Gene for your acting talents. A giant thank you to Paul Thompson for hosting our site and for his technical advice. Thank you Joan for copyediting.


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