"We are never through making friends. We need to stay open to new people,
but making new friends is definitely an art."
Palling around with Marla Paul, author of Friendship Crisis.

"So many people close to me have embarked upon projects to
utterly transform their home-sweet-homes.
And it all seems to have happened so suddenly."

Sex Life
"I think anyone who's curious about anything should try it at least once."
Interview with The Straight Girl's Guide to Sleeping With Chicks author, Jen Sincero.

"Sit, think and write often. Be prepared to be surprised at how your goals
and dreams changes as you deepen your connection to them." Meet Jamie Allen Black of
the group A More Perfect Union.

"Taking a good look at where your money is going is a daunting task,
especially if you're the type that tosses aside her
bank statement like it's a Chinese restaurant take-out menu."

Cocktail Conversation
"In some circles, I even have a reputation for being a good conversationalist.
How did I do it? I renovated my conversation skills."

Life Plan
"Rethink your philosophy of life.
Reanalyze the tenets of your spiritual beliefs.
Write for yourself, to yourself every day."

Breakfast Menu
"The base of my diet's pyramid consisted of cheese,
bread, pastries and chocolate. No wonder I've been slowly
but steadily gaining weight since college.
Is it time for some governmental tough love?"

Social Anxiety
"I was missing out on a crucial teen popularity tool: hip parents.
Mine were hopelessly uncool (and remain so) and
indeed came from long lines of uncool ancestors."

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