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annabelle magazine is a quarterly Web-based lifestyle magazine, dedicated to the proposition that we don't have to have a lot of money to have a fulfilled life. annabelle reflects the interests and whims of the editorial staff with contributions from emerging and established artists, musicians and writers.

annabelle subverts the expectation that old-fashioned ways have to be conservative. We are inspired by old stuff—in design and editorial content.

Our belief is that there are many lifestyles, and all people, plants, and pets have the right to be creative and to inspire others.


Alisa Welch purchased her first home last year. After her brother-in-law saw the house, he told the rest of the family that it was "a real dump." Granted, the house needed work. Many trips to Home Depot later, the little cottage has gone from a sad den of inequity (the previous owner OD'd and died in the living room) to a spiffy abode even doubters have come to love. Now who's the real dump, Mister Brother-in-law?

The first and last time Sarah Thurmond attempted a home renovation project, she nearly tore a hole in her bedroom wall. One of her favorite procrastination activities is rearranging furniture. She has a secret crush (oops, not so secret anymore) on BBC America's Cash in the Attic and House Doctor host Alistair Appleton.

Lenore and Amelia Nash grew up in a small town in Alaska. At the ages of 10 and 6, they announced the formation of their company AmNor, Inc., a greeting card venture featuring Lenore's rhyming couplets and Amelia's drawings of "fancy ladies." Since then they've dropped the name because it sounded too much like an oil company, but Lenore still likes to write and is attending the graduate program in non-fiction at Portland State University, and Amelia is still drawing fancy ladies in San Francisco.


Candace Owens is an actress and playwright. Her idea of renovation is buying a super cool new shower curtain—one that clashes with the color of her bathroom walls but perfectly matches the color she hopes to paint the bathroom someday—and and then letting it sit in her closet unopened for months. She doesn't renovate much.

Theresa Kohlhoff has her own personal Schneider to complete the construction needs of her three rental homes. (Why do something yourself when a professional can do it so much better?) Having Schneider to do the handy work frees her up to reflect on her life goals, her enormous garden, and her three grandchildren.
Kristin Gorski does not ever really want to renovate her place. After all, she can visit friends' homes to experience a vast world of ever-changing decors! For her, the current home remodeling and real estate frenzy is an intense and unpredictable spectator sport, like the stock market, professional wrestling or the nursery school application process in New York City.


THANKS to Paul Thompson and Velocity Chicken for graciously hosting annabelle since the beginning.

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