1. Ryobi Laser Level: Got one of these for my brother-in-law last Christmas. With suction grip, it can stick on any surface without leaving a mark. Purchase through the manufacturer's web site or at Home Depot.

2. Lush Beauty Products:
Renovate your epidermis and rejuvenate your olfactory system with Lush's natural bath and beauty products. Choose from a wide assortment of concoctions like the Sex Bomb (pictured). 18 store locations in the U.S. or visit the web site.

3. The Portrait Illustration Maker:
Life getting a little too real for you? Renovate yourself through cartoon at http://abi-station.com. (Your favorite annabelle editors, Sarah (top) and Alisa (bottom) as cartoons are pictured left.)

4. Good Deal: Sorry, Jamie. There's a new cook in town. Dave Lieberman hosts The Food Network's new show for financially strapped under-30s. His debut cookbook, Young and Hungry: More Than 100 Recipes for Cooking Fresh and Affordable Food for Everyone ($22.95) is already out through Hyperion Books.

5. Dickies:
Clothes to work in (dickies.com) and work it in (dickiesgirl.com).

6. Home Office: Get your workspace organized with seriously cute drawers and cubbies from the Container Store.

7. Architectural Salvage:
I love the Home Depot as much as the next home improver, but with enough people shopping there, everyone's houses begin to look the same. For a true blast from the past, find your nearest architectural salvage store where old house parts get reused rather than dumped in a landfill. In Portland, Oregon, check out the Re-building Center.

8. Garden: Pick up a copy of You Grow Girl (Simon Schuster, $15) by Gayla Trail. Cutest darn book on getting dirty out there.

9. Photo Storage: Didn't you get the memo that photo albums are like, so last year? Upload and share your pics at www.flickr.com.

10.Your Wheels: Driving a jalopy but dreaming of a tricked out Bently? MTV's popular vehicular Cinderella stories on Pimp My Ride are addictive fun.


-Compiled by Sarah Thurmond and Alisa Welch


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