Want to make a real difference? Adopt a child. Or adopt a group of siblings who want to stay together. View adoptable children from across the U.S. at AdoptUSKids.org, a project of the The Children's Bureau, part of the Federal Department of Health and Human Services. Be aware that these are not perfect children, many of them are emotionally and/or physically disabled, some from severe abuse-related injuries.

Making babies is more complicated than it seems. Here's a new magazine to guide you through fertility and its challenges. conceivemagazine.com

We did this one issue, these folks publish a regular magazine for Austin, Texas, mothers and others across the Web who could use some smarts while bringing up baby. austinmama.com

Any friend of Oprah's is a friend of ours. With a Family First section, Dr. Phil puts the "Get Real. Get Smart. Get Going." in buidling a better family unit. drphil.com

Touts itself as "The National Membership Organization for Moms" and was started by Meredith Viera of ABC's The View and Andrew Shue, formerly Billy on Melrose Place. A place to meet other moms and receive "rewards" by sponsoring brands. clubmom.org




Mothers Issue Features:

{ She's Having a Baby: The Lesbian Gayby Boom }
{ Universal Mother: An Interview With Writer Ariel Gore }
{ All About My Mother: The Greatest Movie Moms }
{ Somebody's Mother: A Photo Essay }
{ Losing the Almighty Mother }
{ A Grandmother's Lament }
{ Are You Going to Eat That? Mother's Cooking }

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