Party Supplies and Ideas:

For all of your tacky party supply needs.

Theme parties and more.

Wanna get in on the Las Vegas craze? Check out Fred Flare's Poker night in a box. Comes complete with cards, chips, and instructions. Remember, what happens at your house, stays at your house.

Fun and unique party ideas. We love the springtime in Paris party box, complete with the Eiffel Tower and trimmed topiaries.

You guessed it! A site for kid and adult birthday parties.

Party On, Wayne:

For your next big event, have someone else do the dirty work of following up on your deadbeat guests who don't RSVP.

If you haven't used Evite by now, then you obviously have no friends. Go out and get some now so you can invite them all to a party by using this user-friendly Web site.

If you want "award winning gourmet hors d'oeuvres" of the heat-and-serve variety, click no further than this site. Or, just check out the nifty little calculator that figures out how many appetizers are needed based on the number of guests. Let us know how the food is!

O.K. You got the appetizers, now all you need is the wine and your party is set! Again, you don't even have to lift a finger except to click on SEND ME MORE WINE.

Be sure to check out B-52s frontman Fred Schneider's new radio program "Party Out of Bounds" every Friday night from 9 PM to midnight EST.

For further online help. Site includes expert advice from The Party Doctor who is none other than former CNN "Sonya Live" hostess, Dr. Sonya Friedman.

Party On, Garth:


Get registered!

Democratic Party

Green Party

Ralph Nader, running as an Independent

Republican Party


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