1. Peter Sellers is at his comedic best as the East Indian film extra accidentally invited to a party at a famous Hollywood producer's house in Blake Edward's aptly titled 1968 movie, The Party. Mix in Henri Mancini, Claudine "Nothing to Lose" Longet, a bunch of hippies, an elephant, and a box of detergent, and you got yourself a swinging good time. In fact, The Party is so funny, you'll overlook how racist some of the gags are!

2. The Food Network's Web site is a party planner's gastronomical Mecca. From high tea to Super Bowl theme parties you must venture to this site for great food, decorating, and hosting ideas. And, check out their show Party Starters, airing every Tuesday at 10:00 PM and 2:00 AM, and Saturdays at 3:00 PM EST.

3. There's no better way to capture party memories than with the enduring Polaroid camera. Check out Polaroid's Web site for great party games and activities for kids, like a Birthday Party Scavenger Hunt or Instant Birthday Party Favors.

4. Theme parties are in! Our friend Kim threw a Chocolate Party where she had guests taste a variety of chocolates and supplied champagne to wash it down. How clever that she played the newly remastered Charlie and the Chocolate Factory DVD in the background.

5. Can't get either of the presidential candidates to come to your election night party? Order a life-size cardboard cutout of GW or relive the old days with a sax-playing Bill Clinton.

6. Wedding receptions are the ultimate parties. Everyone is required to look nice, get sloppy drunk, and make out with whoever's available. So, you wouldn't want your party guests to be concerned about bad breath. Cover it up with Bogdon's Mint Double Dip Reception Sticks.

7. Crackers, those festive cardboard containers wrapped like a candy gift that "pop" when pulled apart, are a holiday tradition in England. Why the colonists felt there was no need to keep the tradition going across the pond is a real shame. This site has Halloween crackers so get your orders in pronto!

8. Recently, Alisa had occasion to send invitations to a party and much to her dismay, she had very few of her friends' addresses. In fact, she didn't even have an address book. Lesson: get organized and get this gorgeous Smythson of Bond Street address book.

9. Don't have a fireplace for your guests to cozy up to? No problem, just pop in a DVD from Fun TV and have hours of log burning or snow falling with sound effects to match.

10. At your kid's next birthday, have the wee ones bash open a piñata in the shape of Nemo. Disturbing for them, but strangely satisfying for you. (You deserve it after sitting through that damn movie a hundred times.)



-Compiled by Sarah Thurmond and Alisa Welch


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