When my dog, Mister, turned ten, I did what every obsessed dog owner does when her pooch hits a milestone: I threw him a birthday party! Now, some of my dogless friends thought that I was crazy when I sent the invitations (admittedly, I feared I might become like an old spinster who dresses her poodle in a tiara and tutu) but when the date came, they all showed up bearing gifts of plastic poop bags and giant rawhide bones.

Dog parties are happening all over the country as a way for dog owners to get together and socialize while their canine companions frolic and sniff eachother's neither regions. There are tons of cool Web sites out there that supply everything you might need for your dog party from fabulous fashions to decorations to gifts.

For my party invitation, I got out an ink pen, drew a picture of my dog, scanned it, put it in an email to my friends and called it a day. Even the roughest sketch of your dog is charming as artwork for your invitation. Kids are also willing artists-for-hire so ask yours or borrow one.


Since dogs are deathly allergic to chocolate, it's probably best to serve more dog-friendly foods and treats. Depending on the dogs who will be in attendance, serve non-allergenic biscuits and vegetarian treats for pooches and for the owners, try simple cupcakes with these adorable toppers from Birthdayexpress.com. ($5.99 for 3 toppers.)

Party Paraphernalia:
There are plenty of places on the Web that cater to what I like to call the "crazy people who dress their dogs like contestants in baby beauty pageants." If you are one of those people, check out FunStuffForDogs.com where you will find adorable dog party accessories such as party hats, scarves, and other festive wear.

Kung Fu Fido Fortune Cookies for Dogs are real treats! Made from USDA chicken liver, flour and eggs, each cookie contains a fortune such as, "Confucius say, 'Shih-Tzu happen.'" ($6.99, 12 cookies per box.)

Sacrificing a Cheeky Squeaky Plush Toy to the certain destruction of your dog's choppers is painfully difficult. If you can stomach watching Fido tear apart such endearing characters as Winston the Wonder Pug or Bella the Misbehaving, you have more strength than I do. ($5.69 each.)

If there is ever an excuse to get your dog all gussied up, it is before a party! We found the best clothes and accessories out there and asked Mister and his favorite party girl, Stella, to model the fashions for us. Well, we didn't so much ask as play doggie dress-up while they looked annoyed. (Get 10% off any purchase of super cute dog clothes from the dog-tastic site, The Pampered Pooch. Just call 518-878-9602 and mention the code: annabelle.)



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