1. Who didn't fantasize about meeting her twin, who she was separated from when her parents divorced, at summer camp and then switching places with her in a crazy plot to get the parents back together? That's The Parent Trap! There are two equally madcap versions: the 1961 film starring Hayley Mills as the precocious twins, and the 1998 film with It Girl Lindsay Lohan in the role(s).

2. Bug Boxes from the Container Store are great for kids and adults. Kids can use them to do a little scientific studying while out in the woods. Adults can use them for displaying small collectibles.

3. Nature's Gate makes natural sunscreen products with just a hint of the usual suntan lotion smell. Its sunblock formula (that contains coffee as an ingredient) shields the annabelle staff from UV rays and assured burning.

4. You're a sophisticated adult now and going back to camp is out of the question, but you can now relive your childhood through these great T-shirts available at fredflare.com. Sarah loves her Candyland T-shirt; it was her favorite board game growing up.

5. For the closet Virgo in all of us, iron-on name labels will help you prove once and for all that your neighbor has been stealing your clothes from the building laundry room.

6. These comfy sandals from Land's End are perfect for relaxing around the cabin, wearing to the pool, or walking to the showers.

7. Busy parents can have care packages sent to their children from a variety of online stores. One thing these companies will not send is food, and this fact stuns us: isn't that the whole reason for a care package? What kid would want a box of cheap plastic toys sent to her at camp only to have everything broken by her eager cabin buddies?! Well send the prefab care packages if you must, or box up some Oreos and send a real care package, your kid will love you for it.

8. All your camp stationery needs can be found at The Stationery Studio Web site. There's a special selection just for camp!

9. If you're a parent sending a child to camp or if you're the potential camper, The Summer Camp Handbook (Perspective Publishing, 2000) by Christopher A. Thurber and Jon C. Malinowski, will answer just about every single question about the camp experience. Hell, you could buy the book and stay home instead!

10. There are many things to love about the TV series Little House on the Prairie: Michael Landon’s fabulously virile performance as Pa, the child stars with too much cake makeup, Almonzo "Manly" Wilder, just to name a few. Alisa was enamored with this show when she was a kid and now that the first five seasons are available on DVD, she can safely say this show is still relevant. The Ingalls and other residents of Walnut Grove dispense homespun homilies and exhibit well-behaved children... like the perfect summer camp.

-Compiled by Alisa Welch & Sarah Thurmond


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