Summer camp is an experience that should not happen exclusively for schoolchildren. This summer, we double dare you to recreate and redefine "camp" as an adult. Here are a few suggestions for ways to get out there and commune with nature and stuff.

Use Less Paper, Save A Life

In forests across the country, bands of intrepid environmentalists have ensconced themselves in giant trees threatened by logging. But we warn you, this is a dangerous exercise in nonviolence as one wrong move could send a treesitter to her death. If you have a bit of vertigo but want to join the cause, ground crews assist the treesitter by guarding the tree's base and sending up supplies and food.

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Armand Assante, Is That You?

Do you believe in Bigfoot? I've always assumed that the big hairy beast was in the woods somewhere in Canada, looking for a Bigfoot woman with whom to make a little hairy beast child. But, the poor dude is hunted and disturbed wherever he goes and the constant paparazzi makes it hard on the hirsute one to find his Bigfoot lady. A new tour around Portland called the "In the Shadow Of Sasquatch Tour" is not going to make things easier. Fortunately for Sasquatch, I will bet this tour has never caught a glimpse of the giant and is just a marketing ploy to get folks to take a tour bus to the scenic vistas around the Columbia River Gorge. Even without a confirmed sighting, the tour is still worth the money.

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Oh, Come On Carrie! Let Go Already!

In an episode during the final season of Sex and the City, we caught a glimpse of Carrie's psyche as she tried to find love at New York City's Trapeze School. Carrie was doing well with the whole swinging on the bar thing, but when it came time to throw herself into the open arms of the man on the other trapeze swing, she just couldn't let go. What does this have to do with camp? Well, in an attempt to broaden your experiences in the outdoors (like at summer camp), it makes sense to have some psychotherapy while you're at it (like a normal neurotic adult).

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The Best $7,995.00 You’ll Ever Spend

Outward Bound is the ultimate outdoor adventure. Not only will you learn backpacking and other technical skills useful to survivalists and lost skiers alike, but you will emerge from the journey with "greater insights into your individual strengths and talents." A variety of destinations and durations are available through Outward Bound, including the six week expedition from El Paso, Texas through Big Bend National Park which promises a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to canoe and walk a long, long way.

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-Alisa Welch


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