Our Modern Love issue was our most controversial to date. Our readers were split in their opinions of one feature article, Marriage, Why Bother? Pro-marriage advocates and married family members called the article "immature," to which author Alisa Welch responds, "Na na na na na na!"

Others were inspired to go to the movies alone after reading Sarah Thurmond's piece on the Quirkyalone movement.

We encourage all of our readers to give feedback on any and all of our articles. Whether you are down with love, or think that it is just de-lovely, we want to know what you think.

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Just In Case The Whole "Magazine Empire Magnet" Doesn't Work Out

Hello annabelle,

This one has been a thoroughly enjoyable read... Your piece on love and marriage was fantastic—[author Alisa Welch] should be a policy analyst! For the record, I want to marry, although don't see it as a personal failing if I don't marry. Probably because I AM A QUIRKYALONE! I had no idea, but from the article I'm quite certain. My boyfriend is a quirkyalone too, so maybe that's why we're good so far.

Christina, New York City

Why We Love The Brits

Maybe it was the countless hours of Monty Python at an impressionable age, but we at annabelle are confirmed life-long Anglophiles. Perhaps it shouldn't suprise us that many of our most ardent readers are from across the pond. Cheerio!

Dear annabelle,

Just glanced over your e-mag! I love it! I just think that your site is so smart and edgy. Just like you hunny!!!

Diane, O, New York City, (Formerly of Liverpool, England)

A Dangling What?

Dear annabelle,

Wow, very powerful stuff, that Veronica K. story. Very well reported and written—a lot better than some of the stuff I see around here, by miles, though you and I must speak sometime about dangling participle clauses.

Chuck, an editor in New York City

A Girl Can Dream

Dear annabelle,

HILARIOUS!!! I loved this issue. I've read almost all of it already. =)

Best of luck to you and Goran Visnjic. =) =) =)

Kris, Chicago, Illinois


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