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annabelle magazine is a bimonthly lifestyle Web-based magazine, dedicated to the proposition that we don't have to have a lot of money to have a fulfilled life. annabelle reflects the interests and whims of the editorial staff with contributions from emerging and established artists, musicians, and writers.

annabelle subverts the expectation that old-fashioned ways have to be conservative. We are inspired by old stuff—in design and editorial content.

Our belief is that there are many lifestyles, and all people, plants, and pets have the right to be creative and to inspire others.



Alisa Welch had her first kiss at age 13 with Josh Sanz in her backyard under the apple tree. It was a beautiful moment, only to be marred two weeks later when it was revealed that Josh was breaking up with her to date her best friend M. (M. shall remain nameless since it has been, oh, 17 years.) The sudden end to the relationship forced Alisa to return Josh's Social Distortion T-shirt along with a note that read, "Merry Christmas, and F*&% You!"


Sarah Thurmond is frantically completing her pieces for the issue. Instead of writing a bio, she would like to leave you with lyrics from Don Williams's 1980 country hit, "I Believe In You." "I don't believe in superstars/organic food and foreign cars/I don't believe the price of gold/the certainty of growing old/that right is right and left is wrong/that north and south can't get along/that east is east and west is west/and being first is always best./But I believe in love, I believe in babies/I believe in mom and dad, and I believe in you."


Candice Owens is a goddess. She's going to write that again and again until it becomes her "googlism." A true romantic, Candice doesn't believe in modern love, but she's fallen into post-modern love many times. She is still searching for the man of her dreams, but in a pinch, she'll make due with the man of other people's dreams. Owen Wilson, if you're out there reading this, there's something you should know: Candice Owens is a goddess.


Antigoni is an attractive, single, straight, well-mannered yet kooky downtown female looking for her male counterpart. Quite the stylish cutie, this wildcat loves collecting music (indie, new wave, cheesy 80s, etc.), traveling and hosting dinner parties. Turn ons: Interesting conversation and laughter. Turn offs: Idle small talk and hairy backs.


Caitlin Leffel has been conducting a critical study of the Times' Weddings and Celebrations for the past five years, and predicts that pet weddings will be the next craze in matrimonial journalism. A writer who contributes regularly to Daily Candy, Blackbook (and will soon be hitting a 747 near you in Southwest Spirit magazine), Caitlin counts among her great loves Camper shoes, Heat magazine, and certain small dogs. She thinks that modern love is A-OK, but prefers to be wined, dined, and showered with gifts the old fashioned way, thank you very much.



As always, we want to thank our benevolent benefactor, Mr. Paul Thompson of New York City for hosting our site. Thanks to all of our current and former flames—without you all (and there are many), this issue would not have been possible. And finally, thank you to all of our readers for your continued support and all that. We love ya!

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Charles Martinez, who packed a lot of life and love into his 29 years.


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