There's a whole lotta love on the Web. Here is a sampling of some of our favorites.

I Wanna Get Some Love:

Completely unreliable compatibility indicator.

For those looking to get married soon. This site will cost you $49.95 for one month, and up to $249 for a year's worth of searching. As an added bonus, the site includes lots of of gag-inducing pictures of married and engaged couples who've met at eHarmony.

A little less marriage-centric, is the industry leader with a smorgasbord of dating possibilities.

Fabulous place to find boys who like boys and girls who like, oh, you get the idea.

I Wanna Read About Love:

I have an editor friend who despises blogs. ("There are editors for a reason, people!") This site is full of raw emoting which makes it strangely addictive.

For an intellectual view of love and sex. Saucy!

Dan Savage is the greatest and the grossest.

What can I say, I love the man with the 'stache!

Check out the Good Vibrations magazine for some insightful writing and explicit how-tos.

I Wanna Laugh and Point at Love:

One Love, One Funny Website:

A site so sincere (note the red roses in soft focus in the "Romance With Roses" section), it just begs to be ridiculed.

This site reminds me of a certain "inmates who are looking for love" Web site, but those poor bastards were serious.


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