Psychotic stalkers, werewolves in love, gay dads... How could love be more modern? Having guest-starred on cult-status TV shows like Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Beverly Hills, 90210, actress Paige Moss has built an impressive résumé of offbeat characters that reflect her desire to be more than your average starlet. Her current job is playing the snotty sister on ABC's entry into the "Gay Is O.K." sitcom sweepstakes, It's All Relative, and she's appearing in a Showtime movie this summer called The Ranch.

We caught up with Moss before she jetted off to the French Riviera for a little film festival called Cannes.

annabelle: I am curious about your first major TV role on Beverly Hills, 90210 where you played a psycho Kelly met in rehab. In a show bereft of psychos, how do you feel about being remembered for that one role?

paige moss: I loved that role for the most part. I think people were really upset I didn't kill Kelly. I get a lot of slack for that.

annabelle: Yeah, Kelly was pretty irritating. Do you and Marcia Cross (who played psycho Kimberly on Melrose Place) have an Aaron Spelling soap opera support group?

paige moss: Yes, but we are having trouble getting new members. Any suggestions?

annabelle: I think Marissa on The O.C. is a little off her nut. But that's not a Spelling soap... Oh, who cares? After 90210 you landed on Buffy playing a werewolf that gets her freak on with Oz, another werewolf, played by Seth Green. Did you tell him to "Zip it?"

paige moss: I had to tell Seth to "Zip it" in Can't Hardly Wait so sadly on the Buffy set he actually had to tell me to "Zip It." He was my saving grace on that set. I loved working with him.

annabelle: You got demonic on Buffy, but then played a lovely Antigone on the hunk-fest Hercules. Which makes me wonder, do you purposely choose to be on shows with cult-like followings and a zillion Web sites dedicated to them?

paige moss: Of course! I love my fans, and the fans of those shows are the best fans in the world.

annabelle: Now you are starring on the ABC show, It’s All Relative. What has been the reaction to the show in this age of Will and Grace and Queer Eye where being gay on TV is not so foreign anymore?

paige moss: People have responded really well. The show is not about being gay. It's just about two different sides of life that are really funny when they collide. I think Will and Grace opened a lot of doors for us and other shows out there with gay characters. I applaud them for that. Our gay characters on the show are parents so I hope we are opening minds to that. I hope some day the labels fall off of shows with gay characters and instead of "the gay show" it can be "the funny show." After all that’s all we really want to do is make you look at things a little different and hopefully laugh while you're doing it.

annabelle: What does the future hold for you?

paige moss: I hope lots more work. I love doing stuff off the beaten path. I'm not the girl next door so I look for really daring projects. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world getting to do a show I really believe in with a cast I adore and time off over the summer to do movies.

I just finished a short film called Recycling Flo that will be at Cannes this May. Yeah, I get to go and look for cute French boys! It's not a bad life.

-Interviewed By Alisa Welch

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