1. We are big on diaries so imagine our pleasure when we received one-of-a-kind journals created by Ex Libris Anonymous in Olympia, Washington. By removing the hard covers and most of the interior pages of old school books and filling them with blank pages, the folks at Ex Libris have found an ingenious way to give these books a new purpose. Perfect for writing about your love life and drawing your self-portrait.

2. If we're going to spend $10.95 on a shampoo, then it darn well better make our hair smell outstanding. With the same distinctive scent as the original, the reissue of this classic teen shampoo has us running for our Jean Naté! Available for a short time at the Vermont Country Store.

3. Maybe you haven’t watched a TV soap since you were living in the dorms, but thankfully the Internet has made it easy to get reacquainted with your favorite villains and divas. Sarah is particularly attached to As the World Turns and gets daily updates at the ATWT official web site.

4. The dreaded wedding season is approaching. Pick up a copy of the aptly titled novel Wedding Season, by Darcy Cosper, for the perfect antidote.

5. Spend hours upon hours of fun finding out who of your celeb crushes you're most compatible with at the lovecalculator.com. Hours of productivity were wasted to find the following results: Hugh Jackman and Sarah: 32%, David Beckham and Sarah: 78%, Goran Visnjic (of E.R.) and Sarah: 97%. *Goran's The Winner!!*

6. Brooke Shields' early young love movies Endless Love and The Blue Lagoon. No need to explain.

7. Be a charter member of the Three-Feet-High Club on the ultimate romantic train ride aboard the American Orient Express.

8. Though we are sure that Alias is an amazing show, it has never roped us in. Perhaps it is the whole espionage thing—unless the spy in question is named Krycek, we can't be bothered. This is not to say that a certain Ms. Jennifer Garner is off our radar screens, especially when we saw trailers for 13 Going On 30. What? A movie marketed to women in their 30s? And with Mark Ruffalo? Are you kidding? This movie was a surprisingly funny and poignant confection with excellent music and a perfect Thriller dance scene.

9. Super fun Romantic Times calls itself "the definitive women's fiction guide and one-stop bookshop." The history of how Romantic Times came into existence is enough to fill the pages of a romance novel. Too bad computers and Calgon bubble baths don't mix well.

10. Much hipster love has been made to the Magnetic Fields' 69 Love Songs. This 3-disc set came out in 1999 and made Stephin Merrit (the mastermind behind Magnetic Fields, Future Bible Heroes, and The 6ths) and his merry band of melodymakers the grand pooh-bahs of indie rock romantics. The album also features novelist Daniel Handler on accordion. What's more romantic than accordion music?


- Compiled by Alisa Welch and Sarah Thurmond


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