Not to toot our own horn (well, maybe just a little), but the Vintage Living Issue (Issue Number Four) was such a hit that even TIME magazine took inspiration from us. Their summer supplement on Style & Design is called, "Retro Modernism: Why We Look Back." Puh-lease, Retro Modernism? Does that not scream Vintage Living or what?!

Alright, alright, maybe those snooty editors at
TIME didn't read our issue—or even know there was a Web-based magazine called annabelle—but it's pretty apparent to THESE editors that we have our well-manicured fingers on the pulse of the nation! Pretty soon everyone is going to be following our beat. And we owe it all to you, our fabulous readers. You deserve a big ol' hug for your continued support. Which reminds us, some of you have yet to join the Pencil of the Month Club. Supplies are running out so if you want to be a member and not be left out of this elite group, you need to get on board—now!

Dear annabelle,
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(Thank you, irritating spammer, but we'll pass on the offer. -Ed.)

Dear annabelle,
Ahhh... The Harmony Hotel. I have such fond memories of that place. That place does something to a man. It makes him want to run. It makes him want to hide. It makes him want to tear down the walls that hold him inside. It makes him want to reach out and touch the flame. Where the streets have no name. Ahhhhh... Where the streets have no name. I'll say it again, where the streets have no name.

P. D. Hewson, Dublin, Ireland

Hey Sexy Ladies of annabelle,
Hope your weekend is going swell. About that word swell.... some chick in the Miss Lonelyhearts section was dissing her fella for using the word swell... I think it is a great word that I'm trying to bring back into usage with some kitsch value as well as a reference to Nirvana's last studio song "You Know Your Right" ...'things have never been so swell.' Keep up the swell work!

Chip McNotey, Catskills, Upstate New York, Bungalow #12

Dearest annabelle,
This issue is one of the COOLEST! I totally dug the fashion spread—I think I'm gonna go to use your coupon on some jewelry at the Mighty Flirt Web site.

Liza, Palm Beach, Florida





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