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annabelle magazine is a bimonthly lifestyle web magazine, dedicated to the proposition that we don't have to have a lot of money to have a fulfilled life. annabelle reflects the interests and whims of the editorial staff with contributions from emerging and established artists, musicians, and writers.

annabelle subverts the expectation that old-fashioned ways have to be conservative. We are inspired by old stuff—in design and editorial content.

our belief is that there are many lifestyles, and all people, plants, and pets have the right to be creative and to inspire others.


Alisa Welch made a speech in front of her entire eighth grade class wearing a vintage 1960s teal-colored suit with a fur collar. She was obsessed with the Beatles and Jackie O at the time, and suffered greatly for her choice of attire. Not to be deterred, she subsequently arrived at her eighth grade graduation dance wearing a satin party dress from the 1950s. The dress was red, in honor of her favorite song that year, "Lady In Red."


Sarah Thurmond doesn't consider herself much of a collector, unless you consider dust a collectible. She did, however, inherit her grandmother's spoon collection and can't wait to begin adding to it. She lives in a building that could be considered a collectible, as it was built pre-1850s and may even have the same wallpaper up from the era. It certainly looks that way.



Patty Garcia has a closet full of vintage dresses and estimates that at least 50% of her wardrobe is from the Buffalo Exchange in Phoenix. She currently lives in NYC where she makes a living in publishing, but lives as a bass player in an all girl Depeche Mode cover band called Violator. She does not shop vintage in the city because the prices are an outrage. An outrage!



Candice Owens collects nothing but the occasional thought, and she owns nothing vintage. She does, however, have her eye on a $2000 Lalique powder box that she tried to buy for $50 so she could keep condoms in it on the bedside table. Alas, her haggling proved unsuccessful and the condoms still remain in their original packaging. Anyone who has any extra Lalique powder boxes lying around the house and who wishes to donate them to this worthy cause can contact Candice through this magazine.

Laurel Welch has a penchant for anything old. From her Louise Brooks hairdo to her enviable collection of vintage Western wear, she believes she was born in the wrong era. She and her cat, Flora, live in Portland, Oregon.



A special thanks to Letitia Baldrige, Martin Dinowitz and Suzanne Lipschutz, Melina Copass and Greg Herringshaw. We also give a big thank you to Paul Thompson for hosting our site!

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