Our Crime Issue (Issue Number Three) was a big hit with folks, especially people of the inmate kind. Apparently, we have our finger on the pulse of America's criminal mind.

We have been receiving lots of queries from readers, mostly wondering if
annabelle comes in hard copy form. Alas, we do not have the means (read, DOLLARS) to print our pages on glossy paper, but we're hoping one of our readers is the owner of a big corporation and looking to unload on us some of that "hard-earned" unwanted cash lying around the office. Whaddya say, anyone?

We do also want to remind readers about the Pencil of the Month Club, our other source for keeping the site up and running in case the millionaire dream doesn't pan out.

If we haven't said it to you lately, we love each and every one of you, the readers.

Dear annabelle,
I really liked the Alcatraz spread. Good times! I should go there to visit before California is hit by a huge earthquake and the whole damn state falls in the ocean. And that could happen any day.

- Jimmy, Omaha, Nebraska

Dear annabelle,
What about mobsters Crazy Joey Gallo (1929 - 1972) and Albert "Lord High Executioner" Anastasia (1903 - 1957)? You forgot to mention these guys in the Green-wood Cemetery piece. They were great murderers! Gallo was immortalized in the song "Joey" by Bob Dylan. He was killed in a restaurant. Anastasio, he was the leader of the famous mob ring, Murder Incorporated. He was murdered as he sat in a barber's chair in a New York hotel. May they rest in peace.

-Angela, Da Bronx, New Yawk City

Dear annabelle,
Good stuff. My favorites were the interview with pops (the TX judge) and crime scenes before and after. I loved what the judge had to say about falling asleep and not being biased when you know the dude is guilty. I've always wondered about that stuff. Oh, and thanks for the Charlie's Angels picture. Drew, eat your heart out!

-Kevin, #37278382, State Penitentiary of Colorado

And the winner of a free membership to the Pencil of the Month Club is...

Dear annabelle,
I'm never reading yer dumb magazine ever again because you can't find five lousy minutes in the two weeks that you're in Portland to call me and say "Hi, Greg, I haven't seen you in so long and yer so cool and I can't wait to hang with you sometime."


-Greg, Portland, Oregon


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