We received a lot of love for our music issue, (Issue Number Two). Thanks in large part to BUST magazine's inclusion of our little site on their very large site and newsletter, we had over 2,000 hits in one month. That means 4,000 eyeballs. Literally, a TON of hits. More hits than angels sitting on the top of a pin. You say people don't read anymore, we say, HA! People read us pretty good.

We also started a new club, The Pencil Of the Month Club, where members receive a shiny new pencil every month. Every issue, we will be giving away a free membership to the best letter sent to
annabelle. Our first winner is Jan in Atlanta. Write us a kick-ass letter, or just join this month and start your collection.

And a final thought, We love every one of you.

The Devil Works at Tower Records.

Dear annabelle,
Your webzine is very cool. I have been enjoying myself browsing it. I really liked the bit about the cure for...Record Store Phobia. I have phobia in just about every store except record stores. But even there I hate it when sales clerks talk to me. Except... mine stems from the fact that I like to think about what I'm buying instead of have things suggested to me.. or be convinced by someone... Sales clerks are demons!

-Liam, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belle and Sebastian Pictures

Dear annabelle,
The pictures were hilariously fantastique.
Stuart is a loon and a half.
Sarah is hellarious.

-Ian, Glasgow, Scotland

Jane Magazine Be Damned!

Dear annabelle,
It has taken me until middle-age to dispel so much of the toxin in the guise of pabulum that I picked up through the popular beauty and fashion magazines I started reading at a young age.  I am grateful to you younger women for taking thoughtful control over content, advertising and other revenue generating sources (so you can continue your magazine), and mostly for giving your peers a variety of worthy alternatives to the slick and shiny and empty vehicles that line the shelves each month, eager to draw our attention to new "problems" we didn't know we had, and more so, to empty our pockets as they sell us the overpriced potions, lotions and treatments we didn't know we needed.
Thanks.  And good luck for a bright future.

-Terry, Torrance, California

And the winner of a free membership to the Pencil of The Month Club is....

Dear annabelle,
Hello there! Thanks to the BUST e-mail I got today, I discovered your wonderful online magazine. I enjoyed reading every single article of both issues. Thanks for putting together something so smart, fun, entertaining, and engaging! It is much appreciated!

-Jan, Atlanta, Georgia

(Letters to the editors may be edited for content and bad grammar and may also be completely made-up.)

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