Crime Links: Best of the Web

Crime Magazines and Compendiums:

The BEST true crime site on the web is Court TV's Crime Library. Comprehensive and curated with an eye for creative crime writing and investigations.

Court TV's companion site to the network.

The crime encyclopedia with lots of graphic photos and a very serious tone.

The popular periodical.


Vintage Police Photographs.

Tabloid photographs from the Los Angeles Herald Express (1936-1961).

Correctional Photo Archives.

A hilariously sad collection of Felonious Fogeys.

Government Agencies:

DOJ: The US Department of Justice, a gigantic site with crime stats and terrorist info.

United States Supreme Court site. See what the old folks are up to.

Infamous Crimes:

In depth investigation into the murder of Kitty Genovese and the 38 Witnesses.

Timothy McVeigh explains his motivations for blowing up the Murrah Federal Building.

Other Sites of Note:

Excellent museum and site.

Innocence Project New Orleans. Recently gained the release of two men wrongly convicted of murder and imprisoned for 27 years at Louisiana's Angola State Prison. IPNO seeks to find justice for prisoners in Louisiana, a state with the highest incarceration rate in the United States.

Signs and consequences of meth labs.

Moms and Dads, this site is for the potential lawyer or criminal in your household.

Billed as "the Web's leading legal news and information network." Check out the section "Docket Watch."

Would you trust a judge in a black cowboy hat and jeans?

Visit the virtual gravesite of Judge Roy Bean or go to Del Rio yourself.

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