Parlor Games
As corny and old-fashioned as it may seem to our sophisticated minds today, a parlor game is a great way to relieve pressure on a host and put everyone back in party mode.

By Sarah Thurmond

Go A Week Without TV? Just Shoot Me Now
It didn't matter what drivel was playing. I would watch whatever happened to be on when I turned on the set. I justified it by telling myself that I just had it on strictly for noise and, since I was doing other things, I wasn't really watching it. Like any addict, I insisted that I could stop anytime.

By Candice Owens

A Craft Adventure
Secretly I was thrilled that my baby sister—whom I tortured with afternoons of forced crafting when we were children—was now dreaming up her own creative crafting projects.

By Alisa Welch

Get Relaxed!
A few weeks into operation relaxation I was hit with the realization
that I couldn't even see the cloud I was supposed to be floating on by now.
Although I spent more time in the lotus position than ever before and was
caught up on all four of my beloved soap operas, I was far from chill.

By Amanda Cherrin

Take the Leisure Quiz
10. Do you exercise regularly?
a. Not since I had the Denise Austin workout on Beta.
b. I try to work up a sweat with vigorous vacuuming.

Better Leisure Through Technology
We christened our sleek box of joy "TiFaux"—as in a fake TiVo.
But there was nothing false about our immediate attachment to the machine
that simultaneously fed our television addictions and freed us from them.

By Allison Williams

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