Our Top Ten

1. Place the state online game: A nerdy diversion that is both addictive and educational.
2. Who says e-mail is a waste of time? Write yourself an e-mail you don't have to read for 20 years.
3. Cook a meal and enjoy your leisure time with the Crock-Pot! Just $9.99 will get you a 1.5 Quart Round Slow Cooker.
4. Every man needs a nice suit, especially when lounging around the house. Order a combo leisure suit from Rusty Zipper, an online vintage shop based in Portland, Oregon.
5. Office yoga: We can see how it could bring the office team together, but do we really want to show Bill in accounting our "down dog"... (Now Tim from The Office? 'Nother story.)
6. Photographer Bill Owens spent more than 35 years documenting American life for his four volume series, Suburbia (Fotofolio, 2004). Check out the final installment, Leisure (Buy New! $29.95).
7. The quintessential early 1990s movie Slacker finally out on DVD theorizes about, well, nothing. (Sample dialogue from crazy lady in a diner: "You should never traumatize a woman sexually. I should know, I'm a medical doctor.")
8. In the U.S., blur is best known for the 1997 rock anthem, "Song 2" (that's "Whoo-hoo" to you hockey fans out there). But the band's 1991 debut album, "Leisure," fits in nicely with our issue's theme. Includes the Britpop classics, "She's So High" and "There's No Other Way."
9. Relax! Get your feng shui tip of the day, for example: "Make sure that your study desk does not share the same wall as a toilet."
10. "Games Make Great Gifts." Yes they do, Jamie Leigh Curtis, yes they do. And we forgive you for quitting acting to hawk board games for Hasbro. For non-competitive games, check out Family Pastimes.

-Compiled by Sarah Thurmond and Alisa Welch


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