Take the annabelle leisure quiz:

1. What is your definition of leisure?
a. Any time spent away from my job.
b. Any activity that doesn't involve my job.
c. Any time I'm smiling.
d. The four hours a night that I'm asleep.

2. What is your favorite leisure activity?
a. Anything that involves reclining.
b. Playing the ponies.
c. Praying for the Rapture.
d. Combing the fringe on my Oriental rugs.

3. How much leisure time would you say you have during an average week?
a. It's too hard to count that high.
b. Between 30 minutes and two hours.
c. Too much. Idle hands...
d. Sitting is for sissies.

4. When you have a day off, you:
a. Catch up on your backlog of The Gilmore Girls episodes on TiVo. In your pajamas. With a quart of ice cream.
b. Same as above, but fully dressed.
c. Read to the infirm and bless the little children.
d. What is this "day off" that you speak of?

5. During your last vacation, you:
a. Fell in love with the maid since she was the only person you saw the whole time. Telemundo is awesome!
b. Took the kids to Disneyland and now have nightmares featuring a giant naked Goofy.
c. Paid to stay in a yurt in Mongolia while building a temple. It felt great!
d. Were diagnosed with a repetitive stress injury in your thumb from constant text messaging to your office. You subsequently had to go to inpatient crack-berry detox.

6. Your favorite movie is:
a. Weekend at Bernie's
b. Anything with Meredith Baxter Birney
c. The Passion of the Christ
d. Run, Lola, Run

7. Which character on The Office do you most closely identify with? (The BBC version, natch!)
a. David Brent—I'm the funniest person I know!
b. Dawn. Isn't it every little girl's dream to be a receptionist?
c. Tim. Such a nice boy.
d. Gareth and I have the same barber!

8. Your closet is filled with:
a. A Hawaiian shirt collection that would put Jimmy Buffet to shame.
b. Whatever was on sale at Ann Taylor.
c. Many, many shades of beige.
d. Your best friends Manolo and Coco.

9. Finish this sentence: Cleanliness is next to______
a. Impossible
b. The top of my to-do list
c. Godliness, you heathen!
d. Cleanliness is up to my maid

10. Do you exercise regularly?
a. Not since I had the Denise Austin workout on Beta.
b. I do and I hate every minute.
c. I try to work up a sweat with vigorous vacuuming.
d. My exercise routine consists of running to get a cab and tackling old ladies that get in my way.

Now take a look at your answers to see how lesiurely you really are:
All A's: Hakuna Matata! You are jellin' like Magellan but perhaps that body-shaped canyon in your couch is proof that it is time to get a job.
Mostly B's: You have your groove back but could learn to loosen the goose a little.
Mostly C's: At some point, God starts to hate suck-ups. Do something nice for yourself once in a while!
Mostly D's: Get thee to a yoga class! Quit working so much and find some time to relax before you take a nail-gun to your head.

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