Alisa Welch may or may not be going to Hell. But she is committed to keep trying.

Sarah Thurmond works as a professional typist when she's not dreaming of taking over Hollywood. She commits a sin (but only in thought, word, or deed) an average of 437 times a day.
Nicholas Kaufmann lives in Brooklyn, NY. He's a writer, a video store clerk, and a frequent and shameful sinner when he thinks no one is looking. Visit him on the Web at
Kristin Gorski loves those bouts of occasional gluttony, especially when they involve Nutella, bananas and crepes. She is proud to say that she has never been Supersized, never consumed a Biggie and never imbibed a Jumbo. She dreams of one day splitting a 72-ounce sirloin steak (a.k.a. the Big Texan) with at least seven other people at the Big Texan Restaurant in Amarillo, Texas.
Robyn Saunders-Wilson has been known to indulge in a few of the seven deadly sins, but to date, her biggest fault is actually a lesser know eighth deadly sin: air drumming. She can't stop and hopes that by revealing her incessant hi-hatting others will join her in a support group.
Nori Nash recently spent four hot and grimy hours sorting through and organizing boxes at a total stranger's untidy yard sale because they told her, "I know there was a box of costume jewelry somewhere in that garage."
Antigoni needs to take a nice, long vacation someplace far, far away.  Using her days off to paint her apartment wasn't exactly what she had in mind.  She likes redecorating, but she loves travelling and escaping from her own reality.
Amelia Nash is a San Francisco based illustrator. Contact her and tell her how much you love her drawings. Then hire her.


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annabelle subverts the expectation that old-fashioned ways have to be conservative. We are inspired by old stuff—in design and editorial content.

Our belief is that there are many lifestyles, and all people, plants, and pets have the right to be creative and to inspire others.



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