Have you ever been on a date with someone you thought was incredibly hot, only to discover they're a complete lunatic—and you don't care? It's lust that makes you ignore the warning flags when your date says things like, "Let's put all the homeless on a boat and send them to Mexico," or, "I voted for Kucinich."

By Nicholas Kaufmann

Age eighteen, five foot ten and one hundred pounds, I was the epitome of heroin chic so popular in the early 1990s—perfect for modeling and downright ugly to the average kid on the street.

By Robyn Saunders-Wilson

In the ancient world, contestants had to eat an entire animal: horns, hooves and all. The winners gained the fear, repulsion and odd admiration of the spectators, but the drooling and ever-digesting champions often died soon after as many of the animal parts were sharp and indigestible.

By Kristin Gorski

Envy struck and knocked me out for several years. It happened unexpectedly,
during a perfectly pleasant conversation with a friend from college.
I hope to one day write a play about this sad period of my life.
I plan on calling it, "Die, Renée Zellweger, Die."

By Sarah Thurmond

This is why I'm on a fast track to Hell: my desire for ease
in life is at the expense of righteous behavior.

By Alisa Welch

I came home one day with six nearly identical 1960s sleeveless floral mini-dresses. I spread them out on my bed in a glorious profusion of pink tulips, yellow daisies and bright oranges and purples. Then the realization hit me: I will never wear these.

By Nori Nash

I always thought a little spark of impassioned feeling went a long way when it came to debate. People take it personally. Personally, I think passionate would be a more accurate description of my so-called anger.

By Antigoni

by Amelia Nash

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