So you want to submit?
We are always on the hunt for interesting pieces written by even more interesting people. Our magazine is looking for what it means to be a smart, creative and engaging human. Articles should be timely and newsy, though personal insight is important. We want voices from across the spectrum, but not really from conservatives or haters. Male writers are encouraged to submit as well as unpublished writers. If you want to write for annabelle, here are a few guidelines:

1. We are a quarterly magazine that publishes exclusively on the Web. All submissions must be via electronic means and we discourage attachments. Please put everything in the body of an e-mail. Send queries via e-mail with writing samples or clips.

2. Every issue of annabelle has a theme. We plan our editorial calendar in advance so if you would like to pitch a story, it should correspond to an upcoming theme. You can e-mail us for a list of upcoming issue themes.

3. We can't pay writers, but you do retain all rights to your stories. (We love our writers and shower them all with praise and lots of xxxs and ooos at the end of every e-mail.)

4. Here are the sections that need writers:

** Reviews: Books, movies, music, we want to hear about what is new and good. (Or new and bad, for that matter.) 100-200 words.

** Features: Interviews, investigations, current events and personal essays of the Oh my God, you did what? nature are welcome. 500-1000 words.

5. All articles are subject to editing in collaboration with the author.

Art Submissions: Are you an artist, illustrator or photographer? We want to see your stuff! Send Alisa an e-mail with a link to your online portfolio.

Questions? Drop us an e-mail and we'll gladly answer.

-The Editors

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